2015 – Len Scoullar


The Chieftain 2015LEN SCOULLAR …

As a long-standing advocate of the Isle of Bute, that holds a very special place in his heart, and with it’s community very much a priority in his life, we were delighted when Len Scoullar accepted the committee’s invitation to become Chieftain for the 2015 Games.

Len came to Bute from Glasgow in 1969 to make his home on the island and take over the running of the Black Bull Inn.  He ran the business for 33 years before retiring, during which time he greatly valued the loyal support he received from island residents.

He also serves as a councillor on the Argyll & Bute Council, and has represented the Isle of Bute for 18 years now.

In that capacity Len has spent his political career working tirelessly to raise the profile of Argyll & Bute both nationally and internationally.  He is recognised as a councillor who acts with honesty and integrity, qualities which most certainly would have contributed to his well-deserved appointment as Provost in 2013.

Currently Len chairs meetings of Argyll & Bute Council that has entailed him serving on several strategic council committees; the local area committee; as well as representing the council within a number of outside bodies.

At the same time, his interest and involvement in community affairs has been wide reaching, and has also seen him serve in the past as chair of the Rothesay Winter Garden Trust; vice chair of the Bute Community Council; and as a member of the Rothesay Rotary Club.

Throughout Len has always been a tremendous champion of the Bute Highland Games and, as such, considered his nomination as Chieftain for 2015 to be one of the high points of his long career of dedication spent in serving the people of Bute.