2011 – Sean Batty

sbatty1Sean Batty is known for being STV’s weather forecaster, where he has been working since 2007, however, his TV career didn’t start there. His first TV appearance was for BBC North back in 2005. Sean’s passion for weather started when he was just 7 years old and was given a BBC weather presenting kit for his birthday. From that point on there was no turning back for the Paisley boy as he concentrated all his efforts on reaching his dream to become a weather forecaster.

At 18 Sean left Scotland to study meteorology at Reading University, at that time, the only place in the UK to offer pure meteorology courses.

His first job was with the Met Office working at an army base in Hampshire. At Middle Wallop, the School of Army Aviation, he worked as a weather observer keeping the crew and air traffic control updated on flight conditions. At the time he started it involved some very late nights as there was plenty of training for the apache pilots ahead of their operations in Iraq.

His career branched into media when he started working at ITV Weather alongside the likes of Sian Lloyd and Martyn Davies in London. At ITV he prepared forecasts and graphics for the national and local ITV broadcasts. Working at ITV gave him a taste of working in TV, albeit behind the scenes. His next job took him to the BBC in London where he made his first TV and radio broadcasts. His TV training was by people such as Carol Kirkwood, Daniel Corbett and the famous, for all the wrong reasons, Michael Fish.

At the BBC he was a regional broadcaster and presented the weather in Northern Ireland, Wales/Cymru, the Channel Islands, London, the West Country and Northern England. His only un-aired area was Scotland, but that was all about to change when he was headhunted by STV News.

STV brought Sean back to Scotland and to this day he appears on our televisions most days. At STV Sean presents 15 broadcasts a day for STV Central News, STV Edinburgh News, STV Glasgow News and also STV North. Apart from weather Sean enjoys playing the rises and falls of the stock market, gardening, politics and has a real passion for all things Scottish, even to the extent of learning to speak Scottish Gaelic. He also prides himself on having a Clan Stewart family background.